Our Story

Thank you for your interest in a new model for green waste management in Bali. Our compost, mulch and topsoil products are crafted to the highest standard, using 100% organic materials and proven large-scale composting techniques.

BCC focuses on promoting conscious waste separation and renewable agriculture practices. We divert large amounts of pure green waste before it reaches Bali’s main rubbish dump at Suwung, and help educate Bali’s next generation of farmers, buisnesses and householders, primarily through our partnership with Udayana University. Our other key relationship is with the local Badung government’s sanitation department, Dinas Kebersihan Pertamanan (DKP).

Our project is a step toward a solution to save Bali from an outrage of unmanaged waste. Poor waste management, unsustainable farming practices, and a dwindling water supply is something that’s going to tear the island’s guts out. We decided to set up a working example of management that could conceivably be implemented on a scale that could help to solve the problem, and pay its own way.

Good for Bali. Good for you.